Obsidian Balustrades – a church in Amsterdam

I really like the black moody walls of the interior of this Amsterdam church. I am not sure I was supposed to take pictures in there. They said no… but then, I argued, “But this is HDR!” … a retort to which they had no reply.

Below that picture, I posted another one from a different church there in Holland that I thought was very cool also. The light really hit the shiny tiles nicely.

Obsidian Balustrades

Golden Room

  • Hi there Trey (:

    Can you tell which lenses do you normally use? For instance, which one did you use on these photos?

    Congratulation for each one of your photos. Your work is simply astonishing.

  • Neil

    I like the story.. Keep ’em confused long enough to get the photos (sorry HDR’s) & get out before they know what has happened! 😉

  • Thanks all 🙂

    Pedro – for that top one, I used a Sigma 10-20mm. The second one – I can’t remember.

  • charles

    Both are great!
    I’d love to see what you would do with Basilic Notre-Dame in Montreal, Canada

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