The Crystal Ark, Granville Island in Vancouver

Okay back to normal pictures for a while… or normal to me, at least. This is the brightly colored Crystal Ark in Vancouver on Granville Island. I think it was a kid’s toy store or a gun shop. One of the two.

The Crystal Ark

  • Angela Bams

    Hey what a wonderful place – you are incredible.

  • bleep

    hey i was there yesterday!

  • Joel

    i love granville island.

  • Sarah

    Hey- did you think of looking in the window? It’s not a kids toy store. Or a gun shop.

  • michaela

    ya i believe it is the opposite of a gun store! who’s the idiot that put that?!?

  • sean

    ummm…. christine?
    diversity 06/20-23??? crystal skull gal? (and thensome!)
    got some info for ya…

  • christine


    This is completely random. Someone brought this to my attention. What say you? I’m a little confused.

  • i love crystal ark it is totaly awsem ahhhh ehhhhh

    love naveed jordan aaron victoria harprit and brittany love ya

  • Nick

    it used to be a maintenance shed. I would know, my dad built ad owns it.

  • Joslyn

    Crystal Ark is one of the most magickal places on Granville Island! And it sure has gone UP in vibration these last few months…holy hannah!!! The stones that are being attracted to that place are quite literally out of this world. Everyone would benefit from a visit to this energetic hot-spot…(=)***Love & Thanks, Jos

  • Facebook User

    Oh my goodness- this place is out of this world- quite literally!!! I didn’t have enough time- I highly recommend this place to be put on everyone’s list of place’s to visit when they go to Vancouver/Granville Island. Love, Love, Love!!!!

  • The Crystal Arc is an amazing place. I Loved the crystal skullies. So many wonderful crystals . You may find yourself buying a few . I know I did . Love & Light Deb

  • Beauty Graham

    Gun shop? This place will shoot you through with loving vibrations!

  • spiritwings

    It is wonderful in so many ways. By the Crystal Ark there are surrounding park areas to stop in and have a coffee (At Groumet Coffe House) while you watch the ducks, geese and pigeons. It is one of the few places where kids can get up close to the geese, ducks and pigeons and toss a little seed without being treated like a felon, and the kids just love it. In fact, the birds are why, if you ask, most of the children like to come down. When they see them, I have heard them say to their parents, “I DON ‘T WANT TO GO TO THE WATER PARK, I want to see and feed the birds. Granville Island should really form a pigeon park, where you can feed them there and no place else. Put up some European dovecotes where they can take eggs away and keep their numbers down. If the pigeons were fed there and nowhere else, it would be wonderful and no worry about the feeding any more. Canada’s first pigeon park – yeah!

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