My Kodak Moment part 1

The below mobile-phone shot shows one of my Chicago photographs being used for commercial purposes (without my permission) at a Kodak print shop on Hanover street, Edinburgh. It was shot by Paddy Patterson, so I wanted to thank him for sending this. The shot was taken on March 22, 2007 at 1.26pm GMT.

Someone else put this on DIGG (thanks, btw) – you can digg it here: Kodak steals from one of Digg’s favorite photographers

Here is another picture of Chicago below that I took around the same time.

My Kodak Moment

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

  • As someone who once worked for a stock photo agency, the Creative Commons license on your photos does NOT cover advertising and promotional use of your photo, which is calculated on a number of variables: size at which photo will be used; number of outlets in which it will; and length of time it will be on display. In other words, flashing a shot on a TV commercial that airs once for one second costs a lot less than showing it for three seconds four times a day for a month.

    Should you want to contact the shop directly, I believe this is their contact info:

    Kodak Express. 0131 220 1007. 37 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PJ.

  • Luke Tait


    I’m from Edinburgh and i pass that shop every day getting the bus to university. It really is a small world isn’t it? I will have to take a look 🙂

  • Erik

    Hey Trey that was me that posted it to Digg. Gotta protect my fellow Austinite libertarians, not to many of us!

  • Scott

    I work for another part of that company.

    What happened was a person brought that image in and had it made into a canvas, obviously being an interesting image they were asked if it would be ok to put it on display, they claimed they had the creators approval for this and said yes.

    Once the shop was made aware of the truth it was removed.

    End of story really!

    Bit over the top with saying it was stolen, it was just being used to demonstrate an available size, it was never offered to anyone nor would it have been. More likely it was ‘stolen’ by the guy who turned up in the store claiming he had created the image himself!

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