Icelandic Sheepdog, oh and Twitter, and Kodak seems to be stealing my images

Here is another one of these unusual-looking horses from Iceland. When Rebekka took me out to the fjords to go shoot horses, I did not expect that the horses would be nearly so hairy. I was thinking it might have been seasonal because of the cold, but then again, I have very little business determining anything about Icelandic wildlife.

Also, I installed Twitter because it was all the rage at SXSW last week. I think I like it, but I am not sure yet. It seems a good way to keep up with my friends during bored moments. You never know when someone will say something interesting.

Lastly, in an unrelated thing, a member of my Global IP SWAT team found this picture that Kodak has apparently used without my permission. I have posted the picture of Chicago they are sheepish stealing below the horse’s sheepy legs.
Icelandic Sheepdog

My Kinda Town

  • Eric

    Go kick some ass!

    I’ve got your back. Nice one on getting the photo 🙂

    Is that store anywhere near you? Or do you know where it is? Also is this just the one kodak store.. or is this material that all the kodak stores are displaying?

  • These are truly amazing!

  • what building was the chicago shot taken out of?

  • Mandy

    So wait? Can’t you yell at kodak? Do something? That’s not cool….

  • Haha thanks. Yes – we will try to track them down! 🙂

  • James

    The headline (and permalink) implies Twitter is also stealing your pics. Might want to rewrite that for clarity.

  • Time to kick some serious piece of @ss, man! 😉
    I totally back you on this, Trey. This calls for guns, err… I mean good lawyers. I can smell fun already!

    This is an intolerable, typical Large Company type of behaviour that I just cannot stand.

    We must show them they cannot do whatever they please, whenever they please, to whoever they feel like. This has to stop, and there are legal ways to make them cry dollars like rivers. What in the world were they thinking…?

  • It’s pretty ballsy of them to actually put that in the front window of their shop with a price on it! They definitely need to stop that at once.

    I’m not a huge fan of heavy-handed copyright enforcement, but as long as there are people who steal others’ work and profit from it, I suppose there will also need to be hammers.

  • OUCH! that sucks. hopefully you can work things out with them.

  • Kristján Friðjónsson

    Icelandic Sheepdog… Where is it, can’t find it anywhere, only a pony. Icelandic Ponys indeed shead their fur during spring and early summer. So you are right, the pelt is seasonal. Your a genius, but still no doggie.

    And it’s a shame about that Kodak incident. Sue them. Set a lawer on them like a dog on sheep. 😉


  • IP.Heavy.Hitter

    Clearly sounds like you need to get a heavy hitter on board who knows a thing or two about copyright infringement. 🙂

  • IP.Heavy.Hitter
  • Ooooooh someone deserves a right bottom spanking.

    I refuse to believe that they :

    1. thought they’d get away with it.


    2. didnt know about copyright.

    Go kick them hard in the soft parts of their pants, oh and be sure to get a fair amount for injuries 😉

  • Sara

    First off Kristján Friðjónsson, they are Icelandic Horses. I am from Iceland but live in the US and have 12 icelandic horses. They do indeed shed their coats, and mostly it is instinct to grow such long coats. they grow this long of coats here in the US even if its not nearly as cold here as in Iceland.

    and I’m sorry about that Kodak issue. You really need to get on them some how they can’t just do that when its not ethically right. good luck! and I love the photo of the Icelandic Horse. Its true iceland.

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