Glacier River

Getting to this exact spot without slipping was something only a penguin could do.

Imagine hard packed ice that is somewhere between the density of diamond and a collapsed star that is covered with a fine mist at 32.01 degrees. And then imagine walking on that in tuxedo shoes. Also, you are carrying an eight pound camera with a tripod that has roughly the same dimensions and weight as a flagpole.

But, all in all, this turned out very nice, with the ice-green glacier in the background.

Glacier River

  • Jan

    Wow, amazing…
    I’ve never thought about going to iceland, but now I might have to reconsider…

  • Totally awesome. It’s a good thing you’re equipment didn’t froze while taking the shot 🙂

  • Neil

    Did you get a shot of that penguin Trey? A penguin in Iceland really would be an incredible shot, especially one that was carrying a camera & tripod!
    Did you have to set up the camera alone, or did the penguin help?

  • Anonymous Geek

    Just to be pedantic, water can exist in liquid form at 32 degrees F. Look up heat of fusion.

    I wish I could travel like you do.

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