Miracle in HDR

I knew if I took enough HDR pictures of churches that I would eventually get a miracle. You know, the odds are technically and scientifically in my favor. The sound the miracle made was about the same sound as when they hit that emergency switch in the hatch on Lost.

This one was a five-exposure HDR. The cloud streaks were subtle, but nice, and the tone mapping certainly helped them to pop.

This was taken from inside the cemetery, whose egress was made through this nice little white gate.

Miracle in Iceland

  • Trey,

    A quick feedback on the new design since you asked. I liked how you fixed the wide space, but I think the images are still a bit too big if you’re viewing this on a laptop.. They almost appear too heavy, but it’s just my opinion. It’s like being stuck in a small room with so many paintings all in your eyes at once that it’s scary to even start looking.

    Perhaps I’m too used to your smaller version. We’ll see.

  • brent

    I like the size of the images now, obviously it is a personal preference thing, maybe a option to change the size? I know that might be alot of work to set up though.

    but I am viewing on a MacBookPro and it seems about the right size for me.

  • I like this new layout, even at the 1024 resolution I use on my home PC the whole picture is visible.

    Oh and great shooting as usual Trey, I just can’t get enough of your photos.

  • Thanks for all the feedback. This is good – I want to work on a few more things this weekend to make it extra spiffy for you.

  • Hey man, saw you in the paper… nice work. The site is looking fantastic.


  • jan

    another great shot trey!

  • Thanks !

  • This is excellent. Great site! How much do you work your photos?

  • jan

    trey, if you may, I have a question.
    you do your hdr with your raw files, right?
    do u do any process on the raw files before the hdr? or do you process them on photomatrix as shot, and then process on the toned mapped photo?
    just curious about that.

  • Thanks.

    I process the Raw right into photomatix before taking it into photoshop. You can see my tutorial at http://stuckincustoms.com/?p=548 , which may help?

  • sakif

    wow!! that is excellent job… i’ interest in your cloud.. how did you doit? please help me..

  • The clouds were just lucky on that shot.

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