Site Redesign for Stuck in Customs – Unique Photography for Unique People

Thanks for all my fans and all the nice comments/emails – I know I have a bunch of unique and interesting people that come to the site!

For you, and because I am still bitter at my mortal enemy, FlickrBlog, for beating me in the Bloggies, I’ve decided to re-tagline the blog and redesign it a bit. I am still messin’ with a few things, but I decided to supersize this son of a gun. Why not? Hey it’s 2007. I know most of you have big monitors and bigger bandwidth. And besides, photographs are meant to see large, eh?

So as for this picture… I’ve never been one of those people that can easily see shapes in clouds. Nor am I one of those people that can pass a Rorschach Test without being immediately thrown in jail for something I might have done.

But in this picture, I think I see a genie coming out of that geothermal vent. This was shot in Iceland on a *rather* chilly day.

The Genie with the Fist

  • Chris

    Dude… the new design is way too big. I have to scroll sideways, and I’m even on 1680×1050 resolution…

  • The pics are 1024 wide and that is the only thing of interest on the page anyway. Maybe you can take solace in the middle? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Neil

    I like the new format for the picture size. I lose the right column at 1280×1024 which is not fun. If you want “brand recognition”, and want to keep your site this wide then may I suggest that you move the “Stuck in Customs” logo & quote to the LEFT or centre of the site, and the CC statement elsewhere. Even at my screen rez I can only see “stuck”, so others will not see the name at all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Please lose the “mybloglog” script, it detracts from the image when you move your mouse over it (and people DO do that when looking at images!!)

    I am a tester by profession, so I can’t help myself Trey ๐Ÿ™

  • IMHO, its too wide, most people still use 17inch monitors, and horizontal scrolling sucks ๐Ÿ™

  • charles

    Ramunas is right horizontal scroolling sucks. It always feel like there is something missing in the page.

    I also agree with Neil, if you intend on keeping this format, then the logo should be moved to the left and the CC somewhere else.

    There are many Javascript and CSS tools out there that would allow you to keep the previous format and let the user click to see the picture at the 1024 size. FrogJS is one of them but there are others..

    As for the picture, great genie you have there.

  • Stu

    I’m at 1280×1024 and i have to scroll to see the sidebar. I won’t even bother checking out how this looks on my 12″ Powerbook

  • Interesting feedback. I will think about this… hmmm… This is vexing. I am vexed.

  • Now, I personally have no problem with the new design… but I am on a 17in MBP and with to finger scrolling it is easy to shift sideways… especially since I don’t need to see most of the right side.

    I would DEFINITELY move the title/logo.

  • Jan

    personally, I dont care to scroll horizontaly, as you said, the picture is what matters!
    and I looooveeddd the supersized pics!!!
    hoorray !!

  • susan

    Love the large sized photos – but do have to scroll to the right to see all your funny comments! I think you’re on the right track though!

  • Okay – Current width is 1388 – I’m dropping down to under 1250 or so. *opens up css and PHP Flickr stuff!*

  • ???

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  • Do you think one liners are in vogue ? ,

  • frankie

    I’m putting up an ebook of spiritual writings and would like to use a photo like yours on the cover. Would you be open to this idea? Thanks much…

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