Site Redesign for Stuck in Customs – Unique Photography for Unique People

Thanks for all my fans and all the nice comments/emails – I know I have a bunch of unique and interesting people that come to the site!

For you, and because I am still bitter at my mortal enemy, FlickrBlog, for beating me in the Bloggies, I’ve decided to re-tagline the blog and redesign it a bit. I am still messin’ with a few things, but I decided to supersize this son of a gun. Why not? Hey it’s 2007. I know most of you have big monitors and bigger bandwidth. And besides, photographs are meant to see large, eh?

So as for this picture… I’ve never been one of those people that can easily see shapes in clouds. Nor am I one of those people that can pass a Rorschach Test without being immediately thrown in jail for something I might have done.

But in this picture, I think I see a genie coming out of that geothermal vent. This was shot in Iceland on a *rather* chilly day.

The Genie with the Fist

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