Site Redesign 2.1 – Okay okay you were right, y’all… it was too wide

I tightened things up a little. It should now fit better, although a small percentage of people may have to scroll sideways. Sorry – I can’t please everyone. But coming to that realization is kind of a big step for most people, eh?

Anyway, you may notice that I now have just one image up there on the top now instead of the 13 that used to rotate. I just have not had the time to re-format all the title pics for this new widescreen-busting resolution. But I do like that one above of Malaysia. And yes, that is a real place. It’s Langkawi, this island archipelago that is almost too cool to be on Earth. Here is another image of those same James-Bond-Evil-Guy-Hideout at sunset.

Purple Skies of Malaysia

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