The Flickr and Digg Celebrity? I don’t know about that… Oh and some dead Chinese People

There was a short interview with me that was posted today. I don’t know what being a celebrity means in those circles, but I am pretty sure that people assume that it means that I wear a lot of black t-shirts and I am a nihilist. Neither is true. I do wear some black t-shirts, but it makes me look a bit like a Scientologist.

In the interview, I was asked about some of my photos where I am surprised that they did not do better. I commented on my Chinese Cemetery set, which I think must be too macabre or too Chinese. Here is a link to the set on Flickr.


Red Alone

And here is one of the pictures from the interview that I forgot to mention. It’s one of my favorites, but again… one that is not nearly as popular as the others, in terms of relative comments/favorites. Oh well… you never know!

The Hidden Pond

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