I lost the Bloggies to the FlickrBlog. FlickrBlog ain’t so great. This is like the 300.

How can I compete with FlickrBlog? I bet most of their votes came from people that just clicked there because they have heard of “Flickr”.

I feel like King Leonidas up against XerxesFlickrBlog. They get tens of millions of users… I only have 3 million pageviews and 250,000 unique visitors per month. But I’m a one-man show… they are YAHOO. Tough competition. Why are we even in the same category?

Flickr is great, but the FlickrBlog ain’t so great. Consider:

  • It’s only updated once every few days. Sometimes 4 days between posts. That’s not a blog… it has the same regularity of a Thunderstorm Warning system at worst and a Amber Alert at best.
  • The updates would be less often if they did not patch so much.
  • They don’t take their own photos.
  • They are run by Xerxes and they have slaves.

Well… since I am here in Austin, and I DO post every day, here are a few of my favorite shots from Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

The Grotto

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