I lost the Bloggies to the FlickrBlog. FlickrBlog ain’t so great. This is like the 300.

How can I compete with FlickrBlog? I bet most of their votes came from people that just clicked there because they have heard of “Flickr”.

I feel like King Leonidas up against XerxesFlickrBlog. They get tens of millions of users… I only have 3 million pageviews and 250,000 unique visitors per month. But I’m a one-man show… they are YAHOO. Tough competition. Why are we even in the same category?

Flickr is great, but the FlickrBlog ain’t so great. Consider:

  • It’s only updated once every few days. Sometimes 4 days between posts. That’s not a blog… it has the same regularity of a Thunderstorm Warning system at worst and a Amber Alert at best.
  • The updates would be less often if they did not patch so much.
  • They don’t take their own photos.
  • They are run by Xerxes and they have slaves.

Well… since I am here in Austin, and I DO post every day, here are a few of my favorite shots from Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

The Grotto

  • You get my vote over the FlickrBlog any day! 🙂

  • hey man, chin up. We all love your stuff and know that it’s tough in a world where individual ingenuity and quality doesn’t always come out on top of corporations

  • You got screwed big time. Nonetheless, keep taking stunning photos and I’ll keep looking at them and spreading the word.

  • Mandy

    Oh nos! What’s the sound….THE WORLD STOPPED.
    Damn. Now I’m never going to get my insurance break.
    Stupid XerxesFlickrBlog and their slaves..grr.

  • susan

    Yours is the best – should have won! Don’t feel too bad – everyone thinks you’re great!

  • Oh, darn! I was rooting for you to win. I subscribe to the Flickr blog but don’t think it’s especially interesting at all. In fact, there are days where I seriously wonder what it is they see in some of what they post…art in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    I’m sure that’s a case of visibility over anything else, which is a big drag.

    The Bloggie winners seem to be the most well-kept secret on the planet. I looked for most of last night on Technorati, the SXSW site and blog searches to find a list of the winners, to no avail.

    Weird how when you really want info, none is available.

  • Honestly I think reason you may have lost to flickrblog is your lack of variety. Don’t get be wrong, HDR is awesome and a great medium…but there is so much more. Anyways, just my two cents. For what it’s worth, I voted for you and throughly enjoy your site. Plus just seeing your photos is a learning experience for me, being an amature.

  • Haha thanks all. No I am not depressed in the slightest. I am happy to have a new enemy for life. That enemy is FlickrBlog. I curse you, FlickrBlog.

  • jan

    its unbelievable !!!!
    flickrblog burn in hell!!!! lol
    you rock, and your site is the best!
    congrats for you, always!

  • Chris in Colorado

    Looks like you got “Stuck” by “The Man” I will have my son reach deep into his Huggies Pull-Ups and fling POO at the Flickr Blog! Hope that sentiment makes your evening go a little better…

  • I think your website is great, you have a nice blog and your photos are interesting.


    I dont think you worded this post quite right, I cant quite put my finger on it. You make a good point though, maybe you should ask the people who run the Bloggies to put commercial blogs into there own section, like you suggest but it seems weird that your upset about only 250,000 visitors a month and that your not as big as Yahoo…what do you expect. You cant compete with a big company. Its not Yahoos fault or yours, its the Bloggies that are the problem and thats where the issue is. No?

  • Haha good points yes… Thanks Jan, Chris, and Ed! 🙂

  • Well, you lost the battle but won the war – keep up the good work – loads of us appreciate (and voted) for you

  • I agree, that’s not right to have you in the same category as a conglomerate. Next y ear, we CHANGE the Bloggies!

    One thing to remember though, the bloggy nomination has brought a few more converts to your strange and wonderful shores!

  • Thanks guys – yes you are right. I actually don’t have a problem with the Bloggies – they did bring a lot of traffic here. And so do you guys with your recommendations to friends – thanks!

    My enemy for life remains that word that burns my brain to say, like Valdemort – FlickrBlog.

  • Bad luck – I have only recently started looking at your blog, but find the articles informative and interesting.

    I wonder how flickrblog will change now they have a whole $20.07 prize money to spend on their site design 😉

  • I’m sorry, that sucks. If it means anything, I did vote for you, even though I had to go through a bunch of gay steps and vote on all kinds of other dumb crap to get there.

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  • JC

    I love your site….the Bloggies turned me on to you and now I’m addicted. Keep them coming!

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  • hm… bookmarked.

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