The Eve Online Goth Vampire Party at GDC

I am here in San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference. Believe it or not, I’ve had over 45 meetings so far and it’s only four days into the event. I’m so tired that I could barely even refuse when my friends at CCP Games in Iceland invited me to their little party tonight after dinner. Little did I know *what* kind of party it would be.

I show up, and it turns out that I am suddenly in this goth-vampire club in SOMA and the CCP guys have called in the cavalry of SF goth girls, vampiric wraiths, suicide girls, and the kind of people that sleep on leather sheets. I honestly don’t know where they found these people or where they were able to purchase insurance for this event.

Screaming Pain
The party was to celebrate Eve Online and its amazing success with over 180,000 players. They are also making a new announcement soon about something new they are doing (did they announce it somewhere)? Hilmar could have just thrown a little party in his hotel room and we could have ordered room service and had pillow fights, but he went with Reynir’s suggestion and decided to get whipped by women with a lot of iron in their blood.

I did not stay for too long because I started seeing strange things that can only be described properly with grunts and wild gesticulations. It shocks me how much these Nordic types can drink. The drinks were free, so it was like a non-stop Italian soccer match around the bar. None of them understood why I just ordered a Sprite. They looked at me like I didn’t like rotten shark.

Below you can see Reynir, the founder and visionary of Eve, with the dark hair. You can also see Hilmar, the CEO of CCP, with the sadistic faces and shock of red hair.

Reynir at the Eve Online GDC Party

Below you can see Hilmar taking out years of frustration on Reynir. It was all in good fun until he sucker-punched him in the kidneys.

Hilmar takes out years of agression on Reynir

You may think that the face below is of Hilmar in pain, but this is how Hilmar usually looks. This is my payback to Hilmar for forcing me to eat Rotten Shark and Lamb Heart in Iceland.

Hilmar takes his medicine

This is Reynir

All of this reminds me of my time in Iceland (other Iceland pics here), where I had a great time visiting their studio and the city. I think I know where they get their unique vision; everything there is so isolated from the self-replicating creative patterns in the rest of the world. Plus, they are surrounded by unique Eve-like architecture like the building below. How can you not want to make cool games when you have stuff like this you see every day?

The Wrath of the Norse Gods

  • CCP Developer

    And now this is all over CCP HQ office in Iceland.

    THX DOOD you made our day!

  • Those of us stuck back in Iceland want more suicide girls and less dev pics.

  • haha Noah… I have those salacious pictures (also featuring EVE guys) in a deep dark cave of encryption. I am selling them to various groups within CCP to utilize in a violent cross-blackmailing network to get more shares of stock.

  • What club was it in Soma? I live on 9th and Folsom, and it amazes me how much goes on around here without me knowing!

  • The party was at the Glas Kat on 4th st in Soma, and to be clear the party was a ccp| white wolf recruiting party, not strictly an Eve celebration.

    The rotten shark was optional, the spankings were not.

  • Neil

    So is this how you get investors Trey? It is a bit different to watching suits & sleepy Powerpoint presentations. If they don’t invest, there is always the photos! (wink-wink)
    Can you please provide pictures of the executive meetings? I suppose they would have to be delivered in plain packaging…

  • Hehe – we do have plenty of boring pictures too… but they are… boring (but interesting to my other game colleagues). This is more of a personal photography blog than a bizness-wizness blog.

  • littlecs

    The party didn’t feature suicide girls, just girls you might label as the suicide girl type, but really they were just goth girls.

  • Whipped!

    Damn! This was a great party. Oy TC, do you have more pics? 🙂

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  • Eli

    I had the pleasure of attending this party, it was awesome THANK YOU WHITE WOLF CCP!!

  • Whipped!

    We need more pics 🙂

  • matt

    that party was superb.

    if anyone has some more photos i’d really like to try and piece together the night. (we rolled up after the ngage party totally out of our trees, so it’s all a bit hazy)

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  • Nicole

    I too want to see more photos. I swear, you guys were blinding me while I was dancing! And only one of the girls is a real “suicide girl.” Honestly though, it was just another night, nothing too raunchy went down, but that’s probably just me being jaded.

  • wowwwwww… wonderful shot 🙂 really wonderful
    you are really super photographer

  • Wonderful : ))

  • Damien

    Great pictures. Hopefully CCP might make an announcement about their secret MMO project..

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