Afternoon in Bangkok

I don’t know if this picture can convey the stifling heat and the impending afternoon showers, but there was always a fine line between walking around Thailand and soaking in a hot tub. I took this while I was on a leased longboat that was captained by a man that appeared to have little concern for the value of his own life, much less mine.

Afternoon in Bangkok

  • Neil

    He must have driven a Tuk-Tuk before he took up driving longboats Trey! He didn’t try to take you to a jewellery store before he let you off did he?

  • Haha well sounds like you know how these guys operate

  • I live in Bangkok. I do not recognize the feeling of being in BK because of the use of HDR and special effects. It is like adding too much Ketchup, it kills the real taste. Chinatown is looking like Blade Runner it is an amazing place. Adding too much details using Photoshop is looking fancy for the crowd, but in reality kills the original. You are more a graphic artist than a photographer. Good fx are the ones used to re-create the feeling of the place, not to bring you into a Disneyland of colors blurs…

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. 🙂

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