Chicago from the Air

This is my favorite shot of Chicago. I was happy to capture a bit of the blue lake and be lucky enough to catch the particolored sunset. This shot is facing one direction and the one below it faces the other direction. The latter was taken about 30 minutes before the upper one.

Chicago from Above

The Great Lake of Chicago

  • Mark Ormesher

    I have to tell you, I never really looked around flickr and photographers websites. But when your stuff came up on digg, I have to say it got me really into it. Keep at it, you’re one hell of an artist!

  • Hey thanks a lot – I appreciate that! 🙂

  • The second photo is just beyond great.

  • Gennings


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  • Andre

    This work is so awesome it makes me look at my fujifilm camera and spit. I just started getting serious about photo’s and your work has pushed me to get a Mitsuba camera not a Nikkon by far but it is more of a serious camera, and your work inspires me for real. Thanks

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