The Church and the Ukrainian Blizzard

I walked around the city on a bitter-cold morning after a long night of deep snow and found this gold-and-green domed orthodox church sitting silent in these woods. I did not see anyone else around, so I snapped a few pictures through the woods from across the way.

This is the same church that was almost destroyed by the Germans in The Great Patriotic War, which we call sweet sweet WW2. I told my Ukrainian/Russian friends that those Germans weren’t so tough after all, and they did not find any Great Patriotic War humor funny at all.

They found it even less funny when I did my John Cleese Hitler-walk around the forest claiming the land as my own.

The Church and the Ukrainian Blizzard

  • Awesome! The blue tones give it a cold mood.

  • condor

    maybe they thought u were mocking them instead

    that would be funny to watch though

  • Susan

    Beautiful shot Trey! Cold and lovely!

  • why do you go travelling allll the time? and how much does it cost?!

  • Thanks all.

    I travel for work and go out on evenings to shoot pictures sometimes. Occasionally, I get a weekend for exploration as well.

  • clayton

    where is the picture taken? 🙂

  • Andrew

    What is your profession that lets you travel so much?

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