The Place Where Rebekka’s Horses Run Free

Seriously, thanks to Rebekka for a great day tooling around the fjords of Iceland. We were going to take a tunnel under the fjord, but it is one of her mega phobias, along with spiders, and drunk Icelandic men. (We share the latter)

Here I will post one of my favorite pictures of hers… this is her son jumping off a swing. I’m not sure how this picture is possible, but she has a bunch like this:

Letting Go

Daily Photo – An Icelandic Horse in the Wild

…cuz I felt a little ill… When I saw all the pictures of the jockeys that were there before me… Ahh yes… nothing says Icelandic fjord and horse exploration like the great poet, Prince, which is O ( + > in ASCII.

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild

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  • That horse picture is just amazing.

  • Magga

    váááá, gedveikt flottar myndir! 🙂

  • Good choice! This is definitely one of her best pictures.
    But your iclandic horse pic is great as well, esp. the tones of the coat.

  • kaytlin rice

    wow i love that top pick it show how amazing and migestic horses really are. the way the wind is blowing just enough to move the mane in a way that it is not to over powering but still showing the movement that it really has.
    and that sky i melt the way the gray and the white are meshing to creat a hole diffrent

    love it

  • Amanda

    Wow. That is amazing. Horses (& most animals) can only be captured so many ways. This is unique & moving.

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