The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

Is Iceland the coolest place on Earth? Yes.

Where else can you find things like this, frozen in time, preserved in an earthen mound under the frigid tundra… this old viking longboat, stored in perfect condition, still lit by wall torches, and used as an inverted church. What a place…

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

  • “viking boat”. 🙂

    Stunning work, Trey!

  • Hey thanks!

  • fantastic work, and it goes hand in hand with how when forced to take up christianity the icelandic heathens made a pack to be able to worship the old norse gods in hiding…. while worshipping christ in public….

  • Jeff

    You mention “tundra”, but I don’t think you find tundra in Iceland. It’s too warm, incidentally.

    You’d have to go to Siberia or maybe the far north of Canada and Alaska to find tundra.

  • valli

    fantastic! i´ve seen hundreds of photos of hallgrímskirkja and this is probably the best one! góður…

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