The Icy Pit to Hell


Daily Photo – The Icy Pit to Hell

I thought Kiev was the slipperiest place on the planet until I visited this icy waterfall in Iceland. The ice itself was as hard as concrete, and it was covered with a fine waterfall mist, which did not add to the friction, to say the least!

I have more pictures of this spectacular and icy waterfall area coming soon.

The Icy Pit to Hell

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  • Your pictures continue to amaze and astound me. I always feel like I’m looking at the world again with a brand new pair of eyes…quite frankly, its an incredible feeling.

    I knew I always wanted to travel the world after I get out of school and hopefully before and during my eventual retirement, but you have really reaffirmed that feeling for me. I hope to continue to see pictures from you for a *long* time.

    PS. Not only did I feel compelled to mention this here, but I should also note that I always go to your articles first in my RSS reader ;-). Keep on rocking on.

  • a girl

    Wow! This is your best shot yet! It seems almost like an alien environment, but you do a great job of making the audience feel the moment. I look at that picture and feel like I need a warm fire and a hot chocolate!

  • That picture just blows my mind! How do you get to travel so much? And to such incredible places? I’m so envious!

  • Kathi

    That is one Hell that I would like to be in :)!! WOW great shot Trey. You never cease to amaze.

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  • I was just there about 3 weeks ago! Man, you blow my crappy pics away.

  • Can you explain how you got this awesome pic? Or should I just follow your HDR tut at

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