Stuck in Iceland

I’m not one of those Flickr self-portrait kinda dudes, but I went ahead and made one because I found sort of a cool place. Also, my sister likes it when I post pictures of myself. Bianca, you can see I am wearing inappropriate shoes for the snow in Iceland. If I was in the middle of a 10K in Texas, those Nike paper-thin shoes would come in handy.

This is out in the wiles, and I mean the wiles, of Iceland. I have no idea why anyone built this building here in the middle of nowhere, but they did, and it appeared to conform to the rule of thirds, so I could not resist.

This is in the most seismically active area of Iceland, where the Eurasian plate separates from the North American plate. In the distance, you can see the mid-Atlantic ridge.

Stuck In Iceland

  • Bianca

    Yea! finially :-). I require close ups though. Looks beautiful there!! Please hurry home – I tell folks my brother is in Iceland and they look at me like I’m nuts. Be careful.

  • Erik

    Is that the visitors center at Thingvellir? If so it has a cool geological exhibit all about the Mid-Atlantic rift.

  • Yes I think it is – glad you dig it bianca 🙂

  • Ívar

    Yes Erik it is the visitors center at Þingvellir.. just so you know we Icelanders dont just build houses in the middle of nowhere 😉 🙂

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