Icelandic Battleship – Whale Protection

I made it to Iceland! I only had a few minutes of daylight, so I ditched my bag in my room, threw on six layers of scarves, and headed down to the harbor.

This isn’t really a battleship. Iceland does not face many threats from the sea, except for when Greenland runs low on whales.

Icelandic Battleship in Falling Light

  • I was surprised to see Iceland popping up in my rss ticker.. Great shot from the harbor, looking forward to more great shots from my hometown! 🙂

    And if you possibly can, avoid this cliche shot:


  • H

    The ship is NOT Icelandic. This is a Danish coast guard ship. You can see the Danish flag on the helicopter.

  • Haha thanks – yes I know it is not Icelandic – I said that because it is in Iceland.

  • Pall Ivarsson

    Utterly amazing! 🙂

  • chris

    dude, these photos are awesome!

    are you planning to go to reykholt (100km north of reykjavik), there are some great opportunities to shoot.
    if so, just email me and i’ll show you arround, ’cause that’s the place where I´m currently living…

    cheers and keep on your great work

  • Kebab Loop

    Really great picture from iceland!

    I love my island!

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