Sunset in Kyiv

On my last day in Kiev (Kyiv is the Russian/Ukrainian name of the city) I climbed a extremely sketchy series of icy metal stairs up this hillside to the get this picture. Below is a famous street that I can’t remember the name of, and even if I did, you have to be a dolphin to pronounce it.

On that dolphinesque street, there are all kinds of local goods being sold from little carts and booths. Various nest Russian dolls, old Soviet war medals, pictures of the wars, wooden maces, particolored scarves, and cold-weather gear of every size and shape.

In the distance, you can see Saint Michael’s cathedral on the horizon.

Kyiv at Sunset

  • 🙂 The name of the street is Andriyvsky Uzviz in Ukrainian or Andrew’s Descent in English 😉

    Great pic!

  • oleksandr

    > On my last day in Kiev (Kyiv is the Russian/Ukrainian name of the city)

    Kiev is, actually, russian name of the city (Киев), and this transliteration was adopted as english/international spelling during the USSR times. The ukrainian spelling is Kyiv (Київ). The latter was accepted as official name by ukrainian government in 1995 ( and U.S. Board of Geographic Names in 2006 (

    And Andrew’s Descent looks much prettier in spring.

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  • Igor

    Great picture.
    One correction. In the distance, you can see Saint Andrew’s church on the horizon. It is not St. Michael’s cathedral.
    Take care,

  • Teryosha

    Andriyivskyy Descent and yes that is St Andrew’s!

  • Todd

    This is St. Andrew’s street in Kiev. I have been there twice. That is St. Andrews church up on the hill. Great picture!

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