A Morning Row

This is a sport I never got into, mostly because it seems to involve oversized equipment and I don’t know where I would keep a boat like that in my house. It would be the sort of thing that gets lodged in a stairwell for several years.

Morning Row

  • Kathi

    didn’t you know that they are stored on the house roof or porch roof ;). Wonderful shot.

  • laszlo

    I suppose this is a so called “dragon boat”, but without it’s extensions i.e. the head and the tail.
    At least it is very similar.

  • This is a dragon boat, it’s not usually seen paddled like this. There are 10 rows of seats, two per seat so you only paddle on one side. There is also a steers person on the back and a drummer on the front. Full boat is 22 people.

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