Lord Murugan

I got in trouble from a Flickr fan for saying that he sounded like one of the bad wizards from Harry Potter, but here he is, standing 140 feet tall in the jungles of Malaysia.

Lord Murugan

  • That looks like the Hindu god Subramanya (who is supposedly a good god). Beautiful picture. The contrast of forest and the surrounding elements against the statue give the whole thing a very surreal look and feel.

  • if you’ll be at the very same spot (batu caves) on 1st february, there’ll be a huge celebration held here called ‘thaipussam.’ 🙂

  • jothi

    Have more luck to see and pray the god of lord murugan who is a god of very kind heart solve and protects the people when ever we chant just a single name kumara (saravanabava),Have a great luck to see and pray the god in this beautiful location of batu caves

  • Palaniappan.M

    Lord Murugan never abandons his devotees.But one has to have an immense faith in him.Long Live Lord Murugan!

  • BABU

    i love lord muruga.
    i consider him more important than my life.
    i always get blessings from him.
    he is the most powerful god

  • murugan raj

    he is the only god who i believe
    he is the only god who can protect from this dangerous world
    i love muruga, kanda, palaniappa, subramaniya, shanmuga,
    dandapani, vela
    even if he has so many names he is liked to be called muruga
    thats why my parants kept my name muruga.

  • Asha

    I love Lord Muruga. He is everything for me in this lord. I only live in this world because of him. I along with my kids and husband bow down to him to get all his blessings. He is the powerful God. He is really very great. Muruga please shower your blessings to me.

  • Asha

    Lord Muruga you had helped me whenever i had called you. Please make sure my house is not affected by my neighbours and very neat and clean. God you are the saviour as far as I am concerned. You are the ultimate God.

  • umamaheswari

    i am a murugan adimai. longing to have dharsan that Murugan

  • Roopa

    Lord Muruga is my life.I love him very much and i need him throughout my life.He helped me so many times.And I request him to be with me forever.Swami you are my heart beat please forgive me if i have done any mistakes.Please always be with me.Please Swami

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