“Top Pick” from the Local Communist Manifesto

The Austin-American Statesman would never knowingly endorse a libertarian, but in this case I left that bit quiet. They did, however, choose the show as a “Top Pick” in the Art section of the paper, which was nice of them.

Top Pick from the Local Communist Manifesto

I only put one portrait in the show. I would have liked to put more, but we went with more of a travel theme. Here are a few of the portraits that did not go into the show. If you click on each one, there is a little story as part of the series. This first, you may recall, is from a Hisbollah rally that I ended up in the middle of in Paris.
This is classified

This is Vespucci

This is Edell

This is Valeria

This is Lisaka

This is Ankara

This is Ahmed

  • One thing I’ve always wondered is how you take HDR portraits. I’ve tried it a few times, and there’s far too much movement even if I fire the three bracketed shots in really fast succession. Are you using a single RAW?

  • None of these portraits are HDR. But when I do shoot moving subjects in HDR, I do use a RAW file.

  • Love your work here. I wonder how u manage to get good skin tone with HDR technique (i’m assuming these are HDRs :D)
    Esp. pic #2, 3 & 4th from top.

  • Thanks!

    I do not do people with HDR. The skin comes out all funny, as you know.

  • Ah, thanks. But I just don’t get it… call me a newbie, but I didn’t manage to figure out what you’ve done with the first and the last photo… I’ve seen both quite a while ago on Flickr, and since then, it’s been puzzling me.

  • I did a bit of LucisArt combined with an Orton Effect, if you know what those two things are?

    I mention LucisArt in my tutorial on http://stuckincustoms.com/?p=548

  • Thanks – I know Orton, I wasn’t aware of LucisArt… that’s certainly one to bookmark and try later 😉

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