The Grim Reaper Cometh in HDR

Here is a shot from a Roman church, where the side walls are lined with tombs and statues. I found this one to be particularly macabre, and a good subject for HDR.

I also included a few shots from the nearby churches as well.

The Grim Reaper Cometh

Deep inside the Catacombs

Alone in the Church

  • Very eye appealing pictures!! They draw you in. The top one is a leaning alittle and that I think draws your eye to the bottom, but it also seems that the reaper is kickin back. Great shots. Good luck with the webblog award. I just voted :)!

  • These pictures are awesome and exactly what I would like in a photograph.

    One question, I noticed a person in the second photograph. Do you usually bracket the images at the actual location or make them in the computer. Was just wondering because he is very still!

  • Thanks yall 🙂

    I do bracketing and single shots… in this case, it was bracketing, and this person was very still while praying, so I got lucky.

  • Auston

    Very wonderful picture, real eye catcher. Makes you study the whole picyure over.

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