Jupiter Island

This is a shot of some old dock beams on Jupiter Island in Florida around sunset. I am not sure where that green light came from on the wood, but it looks nice.

Jupiter Island

  • Geoff

    I have some Photomatix-edited pics of pilings at the water that have this weird greenish cast to them, too. But since I’m a “newbie” to this whole thing- I just figured it was me.

  • Aussie

    Green light on the pilings at Jupiter?
    The shot was at sunset?
    Is it possible that you have captured the “Green Flash”?
    It does exist.
    Look it up.
    (You are giving me so much pleasure – thanks!)

  • I love the artsy effect of HDR. I am so busy working I have little time to learn new software. Maybe the white balance setting of the camera is off and set wrong? Sometimes the water is so green it casts the green haze of light? Hard to tell without looking at it. The beach in Florida is great for sunrises on the east coast.

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