The Underground Mosque

This is a cool-looking mosque in Kuala Lumpur, although I doubt a lot of Muslims walk in and say, “Wow this place is like totally cool and rad.” You can see part of the cityscape behind the mosque.

The second picture is an older one of the same buildings from a different perspective at night.
The Underground Mosque


  • I don’t know what’s more awesome: the picture, or the fact that you said “rad.” 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  • You don’t know me

    I’m like so not talking to you because you’re, like, suggesting that Muslims don’t like say “totally rad and cool” all the time. Like.

    Let the record state, however, that I’d only call a mosque totally rad and cool if it came equipped with an auto ablution machine like this one:

  • I am impressed that you had that PDF at the ready, on demand for just such a situation.

  • You don’t know me

    What can I say? I digg it. 🙂

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  • nob

    Why the hell are you putting “like” so many times into your sentences, you sound like a retard.

  • you don’t know me either


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