The Pictures are Hung

Over the weekend we hung pictures up at the gallery. Everything looks pretty sharp and those of you are coming to the gallery opening should see something a bit different, perhaps. I don’t know… impossible to be objective, but I do know it is different than what is usually shown there at Halcyon.

I’ll be showing about 45 pieces. Here is a sampling of the ones at the show. You will notice the first three are exceptionally pointy.
Dark Storm over Vancouver:

The Rainy Season of Vancouver



Spires of God:

The Duomo, the Heaven Side

Farewell Holland:

Farewell Holland

Fourth on Lake Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

This is Nathaniel:

This is Nathaniel

Rush Hour in Seoul:

Rush Hour

One Night in Bangkok:

One Night in Bangkok

  • Most impressive!! Very cool! 45 pictures… WOW. I am sure the opening will be a great success. Wish I lived there, so that I could see them in person. I bet that they are even more amazing that way…

  • I am absolutely speechless. This is the first time I’ve been to your site and seen your photos and there is nothing I can say short of WOW…..

  • Sweden

    Where did you take the One Night in Bkk from ?

    Wery nive one !!

    Best Regards from Sweden

  • Thanks!

    I took that one across the river from a nice little Italian restaurant called “Arun Residence”

  • Jessica

    Elaine, you are just to funny. Don’t ever loose your sense of humor.

  • O, super project.t

  • Very nice work, admin 🙂 Good luck!n

  • nk

    Your pictures are really fantastic!
    I live in Korea, but I didn’t know that Seoul can be this fabulous in night.
    Your other pictures are also marvelous! You must be very talent in taking great and beautiful pictures.

  • gorgeous

  • spinball

    fantastic gorgeous pictures!! i love the ‘seoul’ anyway

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