Le Crypto

This is a crypt that was buried deep under an old church in Rome. I can assure everyone that this is one spot I was NOT supposed to be, and certainly NOT with a camera, and definitely NOT supposed to be listening on my iPod to 80’s pop tunes.

Le Crypto

I have also put this in my Churches of Italy set. The picture below from the Duomo in Milan also links to that set if you have an interest.

The Airy Doom of the Duomo

  • Dan

    Just wanted to say, came across your blog from a Google search for HDR tutorials. I’m getting my first DSLR (a D50) next week and I can only hope that my shots ever approach how awesome yours are.

  • The Crypto is absolutely awesome, it looks like something burst into flames on the ceiling leaving what looks to be a ring and blackness around it. It gives it an aura of mystique. It also looks to me like there are devilish little faces looking down on you.

    Is there a marking in the left hand side of this picture that was on the ceiling? Looks like an X with a P or something like that through it. I know that I have seen this symbol before.

    The Duomo, is really beautiful. The colors just pop and there is a lot going on, but not to much so that it would create a distraction. If one was not to really look, one could miss something in it!! 🙂 Well Done on both.

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