Naples Cafe in the Evening

When I was in Italy I passed this cool outdoor cafe so I decided to grab a shot. The light was very good with the setting sun plus the warm oranges of the lights around the cafe itself.

Naples Cafe in the Evening

  • Your photos are very good… can i use some pics in my blog?

  • Sure thing – all of my stuff is creative commons – feel free to use!

  • I was scanning Google images looking for interesting outdoor cafés when I came across your photo. Its a beautiful image – a truly great photo. Interesting enough, I knew it was Naples before I had even seen the caption, as I stayed in the hotel in the background about 18 years ago when I was on assignment in Italy. If its okay, I would appreciate using your image in a painting series I am planning.

    Thank you, and again, beautiful picture. The subtle tones and focus are grand.

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