Rush Hour in Seoul

Seoul’s traffic is just about as bad as all major Asian cities, but when looked at from this vantage, it looks almost poetic.

Rush Hour

  • yerim

    wow it’s just amazing even for me who’s living in Seoul right this time. nice job! great photo indeed. 🙂

  • jenna

    miss seoul soooo much. seoul’s traffic in the evening is one of the best <3

  • Esther

    Hello, I was just searching for a great pic of seoul and I just found yours. I am taking this picture and will definitely cite your link under the picture to use for an international week held in my university here in Texas. I am a Korean and I just love this picture. It makes me miss Seoul more. Thanks for great pic!!!


  • Ryan

    Hi, what a great picture!
    Can I take this to show my friends what Seoul is like?



  • achiied

    soo beatifuul country,
    from. indonesia

  • One interesting thing about cars in Seoul… many people drive around the busy streets with only their parking lights on at night. However, if they get on a bigger, darker road, they will use their headlights.

    I noticed this almost as soon as I arrived in Seoul. I asked some people and found out that the reason is so the headlights don’t blind other drivers. Many streets are lit well enough that headlights are unnecessary.

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