One Night in Bangkok


Daily Photo – One Night in Bangkok

I arrived into Thailand this weekend and have been in content-creation mode non stop. I did take a chance back at the hotel to process this one picture I thought y’all would enjoy.

(and yes that sun picture is real… it was burning through the bottom while still streaming light over the top).

This picture is of Wat Arun, a famous Buddhist temple in Thailand. I took it from a really cool little Italian restaurant across the way that is attached to a boutique hotel named “Arun Residence”. I will stay at this place next time – be sure to get the balcony room at the top if you come… it’s just over $100 a night and is the best (and only) view of this temple in Bangkok.

One Night in Bangkok

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  • minnie

    really awesome! This is another building we’ve talked about in Architecture class 😀

  • MK

    this is one of my favorite places in Bangkok! Do you ever feel like you have black lung while you are there? I took a tuk tuk ride to Wat Arun and the next day I felt like I had sucked down 2 packs of cigs.

  • haha yes Bangkok is pretty dirty eh?

  • Breathtaking. One of my favorites of yours. And that’s saying something.

  • Anonymous

    6 years already 🙂 
    This is awesome shot.
    Nikon Baby

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