Hindu Art

I know all art is relative, but to my Western-trained eyes, it is a bit garish, no?  However, having said that, I found a place that is so over-the-top that it is actually kind of cool. This is deep underground int the Batu caves where Hindu artists have slaved away on these creations. I took a few pictures, and here is the first:

Wheel of Time

  • Krelin

    I think you should be really careful when you make statements like that about art. You are intrinsically commenting too on figures of hindu gods.

  • Trish

    Krelin is right. As u stated, you have ‘western trained eyes’. Being a Hindu myself, Ii don’t think that Hindu art is the least bit tacky. It is beautiful and has a story behind it. It’s alright if you don’t find it interesting, that’s your opinion. But you should be careful about what you say, as int IS Hindu gods you are talking about.

  • Ron

    I think u should be ashamed of yourself if your intelligent enough to have such emotions. 1st you have no knowledge of the culture to give any form of worthy opinion. 2nd your claim to be trained western art critique is laughable based on your statement. I think you should take down this art, and post something you are qualified to critique…like valor prints of dogs playing cards.

  • Alixzandra Brown

    I belive that everyone is intilted to their opinion, however I also belive sometimes it should be kept to your self. Art it not only to be seen with the eye but the soul,mind and body. Mabe if it can not be appricated with one it can be with another. becouse in my oppinion even grifidy can be beautiful. All art can be beautiful if seen with new eyes.

  • Paul

    I completely agree with you! I also find it to be garish and unattractive; definitely not the kind of thing i would ever want hanging above my fireplace. Let it be clarified that you’re expressing your dislike of the artistic STYLE, and not the Hindu gods themselves. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, and i only wish that these bigots would pull their heads out of their butts before criticizing you. There is also nothing wrong with criticizing paintings that depict Hindu gods. I’m sure many Hindus have criticized art depicting Christ or other christian figures, and I take no offense.
    Ron: you’re an idiot trying to sound smart
    Alex: it’s spelled g-r-a-f-f-i-t-i

  • Rawkbot

    I’m with Paul. It’s ridiculous that anyone is criticizing you over this post. I appreciate your opinion! I kinda love Hindu art but some of it IS tacky. And there’s plenty of tacky Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, etc. art too. Keep up the good work!

  • Jay

    Nothing any human being does is important enough to be offended or insulted about.

    Those who are in tune with the divine are not worried that you are honest enough to say that this art strikes you as tacky. God is bigger than the petty human ego and never takes offense that there are those who doubt and question the divine.

    Those who say you should be careful merely want to drag you into their own guilt and are too cowardly to say it. You should be free to be honest with your emotions. They are responsible for the negative associations they connect to your honesty. Thanks for sharing these striking photos.

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