The Old Fishing Shed

Here is an old fishing shed I found on the beach of Naples very early in the morning.

Napoli Fishing Shed

  • Hey Trey,

    Trying not to sound to jealous here, damn… I wish I was able to travel as much as you do!
    Your photos even manage to give me the feeling I need to visit Holland more often and I live there hehe

    But okay what I wanted to ask you: did you visit the San Severo chapel in Napels?

    Take Care,


  • allan

    hey trey

    great photo. love the saturation of colours and the play of texture in this shot. it amazing. keep it up dude.

  • …….

  • hi!

    Wow! Nice shot. I love it! Take more pictures and post it again. Nice one. Thanks for the post.

    -Macky Bugay

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