Gallery Photography Exposition in Austin

I’ve been invited to show my photography work here at this avant-garde gallery in Austin. I will put about 40 photographs up and the show will run from Dec 17 to Jan 28. Tina will, thankfully, be handling all the logistics of the event, but between now and then we have to choose what pictures will go up. I have put together a Gallery Set Here that I am trying to cull down to about 50 pictures or so… If you have any suggestions about what should stay or go or be added, drop me a note to let me know… I am not very objective on my own work, but I also don’t trust other people’s opinions, so I am kind of dead in the water when it comes to choosing, but I am still very open to suggestions. Thanks!

Here are a few that will go in for sure:

The sweet lady D2X in action;  Chicago, you are my first victim.


Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

Farewell Holland

This is Vespucci

  • Bianca

    I vote for Izzy Bunny!

  • Hm I like,

    volcano and clouds
    picnic in paris
    Colosseum collage
    long hair climbing stairs
    the hobbit houses
    barn with Christmas tree
    photos with the jungle island
    woman kayaking
    Chicago park with face
    jungle sunset
    that man in a poncho w/ dark clouds
    theatre stage?
    dino toy?
    all the chairs in front of white house
    family pavilion carnival
    orange looking Chicago skyscrapers
    shot from plane window
    dead body? in a church
    little Amish boy

    Wow this list came out longer than I thought. Good luck choosing! All your photos are beautiful!

  • Hi Trey,

    Congrats 😀

    I’ve always liked “The Grotto” very much
    And “Morning Seagull over Vesuvius” wich you’ve already chosen.
    “The Duomo, the Heaven Side” “A Cool Oasis at 2 AM” “Up for the Day” “The Arenal Volcanic Plume” are my personal favs

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