Structures of Italy

It didn’t seem to matter exactly where you were in Italy. You’re always surrounded by amazing architecture.
Colosseum by Candlelight

Yellow and Red and Blue

  • Seeing as you have been to Rome I thought you might find this of interst. A map of Rome with over 100 panoramic images around the city.

    Certainly makes your comment about beind surrounded by architecture ring true!

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  • Tyler

    Im an aspiring, “alot of things” and one thing I have affirmed is to visit a particular place in Italy. I stumbled upon your page here, in search of it. I fist saw it on PBS. A concert series on violin’s and strings.. It was beautiful both visualy and audbly. Anyway From what I remeber it was like, Villa Mesa..or something rathe. I cant find it. Even in a general searche, can u help me please?

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