Angry German Tourists

While I was looking at these angry German tourists in Amsterdam, I could not help but think they look like most German tourists.

After watching these two for a moment, it occured to me that it is difficult to know the difference between an angry, severe German tourist and a regular German tourist.

  • Haf

    I didn’trealize that poeple tnd to think that we Germans are angry. Well some may be 🙂

    You make really great photos, I also like the portraits very much. Seems like I have to make a few experiments with HDR myself. 🙂

  • I like your photos so much …. but this comments about the germans is a little bit offensive. For someone makes so beautiful picture … it´s superficially 😉

  • Marcel

    Hey, I like your pics but this comment is not necessary. How do you know? I think you watch too many bad movies.

  • Kathy

    I have to agree with Trey. This is exactly how my experience with Germans has been. Maybe we need to meet more Germans.

  • 11213

    your images suck ass, the filters and photoshopping make them look really bad.

  • These expressions are absolutely normal here in Berlin.

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