Mini Colosseum

In Pompeii, which for some reason only has one “i” in Italian, I came across the miniature version of the colosseum. It was somewhat overgrown, but otherwise in perfect condition.

Mini Colosseum

  • Cool picture, they seem to have scattered these little amphitheatres all across their empires – Morocco, Libya etc.

  • Malcolm

    Pink Floyd played a concert here in 1972 that’s worth investigating if you have any interest in prog rock. I visited Pompei in 1981 and the style of that Floyd concert already seemed as dated as the surrounding ruins . . .

  • When I visited this, a soccer game broke out in the middle. The locals came prepared with equipment, and used the two entry ways on the opposite ends as goals. It seemed like a bit of a desecration to me, but no one else seemed to mind.

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