Up the Creek

I took this one of Chicago late at night while I was walking back to the subway to grab the last one back to my hotel. I had a cop stop and ask my why I was taking the pictures, and I said it was for some Arab friends that Paypalled me $250,000.
Up the Creek

  • lis

    teeheee! 🙂

    I really like this. It’s neat to see a photo from you, in an area I can vividly recall, from that very spot.

  • lolski

    lol.. i guess if you really had told this to the cop you’d be posting this photo from a small camp in cuba right now 😉

  • Great retort! Is this the Chicago River? If so, imagine the fun from putting your walkietalkie phone to your mouth and saying something like “This is where we dump the stuff on St. Paddys”…

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  • Marc

    Beautiful site!

    Ah yes, our wonderful, welcoming CPD. What a sad commentary on the state of the world in 2006. I can’t imagine why anyone would be taking photos of the view from the Michigan Avenue bridge. Clearly an evildoer.


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