Morning Sun on Naples

Very early in the morning I got lucky and caught the sun before it rose above that heavy cloud layer. For only a few minutes, it brightly illuminated all of Naples across the bay. The rest of the time I was there, this area was fairly hazy and poorly lit. For this one, I recommend you click here to see the “Large on Black” version.

Morning Sunlight Across Naples Coast

  • loic

    hi! First i d like to congratulate you for these beautiful HDR pictures. I carefully read the tutorials, now i’m looking forward to trying this photographic process by myself !! Tonight probably, HDR-paris by night 🙂
    Though IMO, HDR tricks are overused for some of your pictures. Show this picture entitled ‘Morning Sun On Naples’ to someone who is not familiar with digital photography tricks like HDR and you will probably hear comments like : “these clouds are computer generated!.. these are not real”. It actually looks like these mate paintings that are used for backgrounds in movies. A bit unreal. I admit that the same king of process is already used for years and years in the darkroom where you mask some parts of your picture if they’re underexposed on the negative or burn some other parts if they’re overexposed, in a way i admit this is like tone mapping with HDR, but we have to keep in mind that in the darkroom these tricks are slightly used with care : to sum up : if your picture is over or underexposed, you won’t make miracles with dodging or burning.
    I shall try this HDR trick, because it allows to keep more information about the luminance of the scene, but i shall not use it too much. If my reference exposure is bad , i shall not try to make miracles or unreal pictures. I shall try to use HDR to achieve results like this one :

    Please let me know your opinions!


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