Batu Caves Monkey Attack

In another ill-advised moment at the Batu caves here in Malaysia, I decided to approach a friendly looking Macaque monkey with some rambutan fruit I had in my pocket. He took the fruit, ate it, and we hung out for a while. He smiled, or so I thought. I smiled back, or so he didn’t think. His smile enlarged until the split second that I noticed that it was not really a smile at all, but instead two 4 inch bicuspids that were curving towards my aorta. I made a hasty retreat (not shown).

My sister should be happy since she says I never post enough pictures of myself. I’m the one on the right, Bianca.

Alpha Male

Spelunking in the Batu Caves

  • Bianca

    lol. thanks! i’m getting that one framed. be careful! i would hate to explain that my brother died in a crazed monkey attack…

  • Tina

    Be careful!!! The first thing Ethan said was, “That monkey has big teeth!” But he thought it was pretty cool!

  • Adam

    “Bananas was overjoyed to find a like-minded partner for his upstart mime troupe.”

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  • Be fareful. Baring your teeth and widening your eyes to a monkey, is a sign of aggression. When you smile, a monkey percieves a signal of hostility. Common mistake.

    Also, best to avoid prologned eye contact, another sign of hostile intent.

    These little guys are cute, but you have to get the knack for their body language, before you can hang with them without getting assaulted.

  • I want to say thanks!, how long does hydrocodone stay in your system, 8-),

  • Vicky Fleming

    Wow, that is so brave!! I went to Batu Caves the other day and the monkeys were ferocious, they jumped all over one fellow and stole his offerings. Wonderful pictures, I’m very glad that you didn’t get hurt by that monkey!

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