Chicago Skyline at Night

I am excited because I upgraded and got the Nikon D2X. This thing is like carrying around a small tank. It’s so large that it actually sucks other nearby cameras into it, automatically amalgamating all their megapixel power.

I took this at the top of the John Hancock this evening as night fell.

It was done with 9 exposures. I figured, why the heck not.

I recommend you click here for the Large version on Black. I keep all my images like that inside Flickr if you check the description below the picture.

The sweet lady D2X is mine;  Chicago, you are my first victim.

  • Only one word, awesome.

  • Susan

    Fantastic Trey!!

  • 9!!! Exposures!
    The effect is amazing, it’s so alive and seems to show a better perception of depth.
    You manage to amaze me with almost every new work you post.

  • Trey, I LOVE city shots, and this one is exquisite. I am really curious about the kinds of Photoshop filters (if any) that you are using. Whichever one it is…. it makes these shots look amazing. I love the previous Barn shot too.

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