Ruins of Pompeii

Here are the ruins of Pompeii, which is spelled Pompei half the time so I am never sure how to spell it here… but anyway, here they are:

Pompeii Scavi Ruins Astrewn

Blue Skies of Pompeii

  • GstreamDriver

    A brief note about the skull. The skull you’ve shown here was indeed the inspiration for the title shot of “Rome.”

    The skull represents death and the scales represent equality. The romans believed that death was the great equalizer of all things. Once you die, you can no longer affect the living world and everything you had influence over returns to its natural level of balance – be the resultant effects good or bad.


  • Wow amazing

  • No offense, but you have really come a long way in your processing abilities! Take it as a compliment 😉 Can’t wait til I visit Italy one day. Pizzzzzza….

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