A Rather Interesting Picture

Sorry for the lack of updates – I flew to Washington DC for some meetings. I hope to get out and take a few good pics while I am here in my spare time!

This picture is NOT very popular with at least one member of the family, but it has collected about 30 comments and a ton of favorites in just about a day on Flickr.

Help Me

  • Jee

    Amazing picture.. I’m not sure if I wanted to see it again though.. looks creepy.

  • Mom

    Her face is not really black and blue!!! Someone is in trouble for making our baby look scary!

  • Laverne

    Make that 3 members of your family!

  • Hum, well, now that I know this is a picture of a baby you know, I don’t think I should say the baby looks like Dobby from Harry Potter of Smiegel from LoTR. =) It’s the big eyes, I think. (Yea to the mom and dad!) There’s something about HDR that makes the pics look a big CG, if you ask me.

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