Photographer of the Week – cool

Hey I won a nice honor from a photography group in LiveJournal called “BestShot”. It was for the Unicorn and the Volcano, which is not of a unicorn at all, but I have a feeling a lot of people zoomed in to see if it was really a unicorn!

The Unicorn and the Volcano

  • Jee

    Congrats 😀

  • Lauren

    Ok, I admit it… I clicked to see the Unicorn.

  • Mare Imbrium

    I clicked of course. 🙂 Everyone probably did.

    Congrats on being the POTW. If you would in a weeks time make a post chosing your pick for POTW and the runners up(optional) that would be wonderful.

    -Mare Imbrium

  • Thanks all… Yes I will do that. 🙂

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