Afternoon and Dusk

Our little cabin sat high on the hill at the base of the volcano (those pics coming soon I promise). We constantly had very nice views in every direction, unless Will happened to be in that direction, in which case we would ask him to move so we could once again have the nice view.

The base of Volcan Arenal beside the lago

Sunset at the Lago

  • SuzyQ

    Fantastic Sunset! I think Will is cute and he should be in more pictures!

  • I disagree! Less Will and more fantastic nature! 🙂

    These really are superb photographs, what camera are you using? I you are in the top 500 at Flickr and have a special invite. Congrats!

  • Hey thanks – this is a Nikon D70

  • Lauren

    Yes, Will is very cute. I’m rather fond of him myself.

    Trey, you’re becoming quite the photographer. I’m impressed, maybe you could give me some tips!

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