Sunrise in Jester

I had to run to an early morning meeting yesterday, but I stopped on the way out of the neighborhood and grabbed these pictures of a nice sunrise. That second picture is the big Jester hill that is the start of the Jester King of the Hill 5K.

Jester at Sunrise

Jester at Sunrise

  • You need to stop taking incredible pictures. If you keep this up I’ll never learn to use my camera.

    By the way, what camera do you use?

  • Hehe thanks – well I am using a Nikon D70 now. I’m about to get on a bike and head along the coast here in the IOM to see if I can get some good shots for posting later… I hope I don’t go off a cliff.

  • Be honest. You stole that woman’s ring that gave her +2 Asian. That’s got to be how you’d taking all these great pictures.

  • Lauren

    I was just telling Will the other day how much I love the hills there in Austin. I’m jealous you get to live in the thick of it.

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