Rube-Goldberg Japanese Style

I love these Rube-Goldberg machines. The ones in this video made by this Japanese guy are pretty amazing. I always wonder how he gets all the parts to make these machines…

  • Paul

    Hey, do you guys know this site called ? well she’s been outted as a fraud by a rougue group at you wouldn’t know where the donations money has gone…do you?

  • They have a 130+ page thread on her? God damn.

    Anyway, I saw that video last week. It’s good stuff. Have you seen the things people have done in HL2?

  • It’s not a fraud… I know her. She’s a nice gal.

  • GFailure is there a video of those machines anywhere?

  • Search google video for hl2 and you’ll see a few of them.

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