A Cloth Oblivion Map

Oh I would love a cloth Oblivion map. Does someone want to work with me to mass produce some of them – the Unofficial Cloth Oblivion Map? I was looking at some of my good old maps from older games… good times. I think there must be at least 50 guys in a remote area of China with some ink and cloth that are ready to help us out.

Cloth Maps

  • That would be something cool to have in a Gold edition with some of those mini expansions they’re tossing out. If they keep adding new locations the map will be out of date.

  • You may have already seen it, but check out the colorized map in the screenshot linked on this page

  • I would love to have a cloth map – or better yet – curtains with the Oblivion map.

  • Curtains are for normal people. You need tapestries.

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