Three Priai

After the Jester 5K I walked over to get into my Prius, and I found it parked right by two other identical Priai.  Only in Austin…

I like my Prius, although I do think of it largely as a golf cart with Windows.

Three Golf Carts

  • Lauren

    I think you took this picture in a used car lot.

  • I think you live in the hot air balloon at the used car lot. Fess up, Gil.

    Around here we get roving packs of PT Cruisers and Kia minivans. It’s disgusting, but it beats the SUV clones. Not by much though.

  • minnie

    hehe, I have a Infiniti G35 coupe and when I see one in a parking lot and there’s a space by it, I park next to it. 😀 It’s cooler when its the same color, which happened once, hehe.

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