My brother’s house of macabre but humorously posed dead animals

So my brother in Dallas is a big hunter. He goes on African safaris all the time and is always looking to bag something exotic, or simply something that would look funny when stuffed, mounted, and placed inconspicuously in his house.

First, you will see a picture of him with a giraffe that he killed then had stuffed and put in his foyer to welcome guests. During Christmas, he put a santa hat on top to make it look more festive for the season. He claimed that this giraffe was running around Africa eating children and spreading AIDS, so he had no choice but to shoot it.

The second picture is of a hippo he killed and had converted into a coffee table. He had the taxidermist embed a permanent smile on the hippo, so that guests would be assured that the hippo is happy to be holding their after-dinner cognacs.


Hippo Table

The Hunt

  • Has he attempted to bag the dreaded God Warrior yet? Everybody could use a second coffee table.

  • Will

    That would be a pretty lumpy table…

  • I’m going to get a bunch of San Francisco Greenpeace vegans to go visit his house. And then I’m gonna sell viewing rights on the Internet. 🙂

    I think the hippo coffee table is cool. The giraffe kind of freaks me out. Imagine if you get up in the middle of the night and run into that.

  • Tiber

    That giraffe looks really torked off…

  • Toys R Us commercials just aren’t as enjoyable in that house.

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  • Shira

    I live in San Francisco and I am not a vegan but I would like to go to your brother’s house and pummel him. Seriously, what a waste. And if I ever see your jack-off brother hunting cats in my neighborhood, I will have his head on my wall faster than you can say “cruelty to Texans”.

  • jen

    I just don’t understand what motivates someone to travel to another continent to find beautiful, unique creatures and slaughter them so he can use their stuffed carcasses for home furnishings. Pottery Barn has plenty of nice coffee tables; please leave the hippos alone.

  • maria

    The most classic form of penis envy. Of all the lifeless creatures in the pictures, the ‘man’ is the savage beast.

  • elektra

    When losers like this exist, the only consolation is that in our next life we’ll be chilling by the pool with Giraffe & Hippo and using Texan as a towel rack. But we’ll get the taxidermist to wipe off that sick grin.

  • to each his own. happy happy hippo.. dumbass.

  • how DO you get a dead giraffe through customs anyway? but I think the bigger point is why display dead animals in your home?

  • Terence

    It’s unfortunate there is a system that allows this type of person to prosper and do something like this. The only “exotic” thing this idiot should get to see is the toilet after he inhales three big macs.

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  • johnny mac

    nice animals man, you sick f**k.. how about you go kill more animals and put them up on your walls. or even worse pay for them to be killed so you can show them off like trophies. its funny thought because you probably didn’t hunt any of these animals(deere etc.) instead of them feeding poor families you have them plastered all over your walls. does it make you feel rish? cause really you should feel so enormously rish, i look up to you. have a good one…

  • concerned

    While I have very strong feelings against hunting, it’s not the killing of animals that I’d like to protest here. I would just like to comment that giraffes are conservation dependent, and hippos are threatened. This means that both of these animals are at risk of becoming endangered, and because of the political turmoil in some of the nations in which they live, they are not well protected. In some cases, killing them is a violation of international law.

    I understand if your brother chooses to hunt, but he really should not kill species at risk of endangerment.

  • Love it!!!

    hahaha… all you animal rights activist kill me… its a FREE country! he can decorate his home with dead animals if he wants to! Why does everyone think they have the right to preach at him for it? LOL! Get your own lives!!!

  • Sorry,this even though it is his choice,I feel that Trey we should all just stick to photography.Im from Africa now residing in Australia
    I loved the wild life and have see many a hunter come from America,Britain and Europe come for trophies its sad but true. I have fought in Angola not of my choosing to keep Africa safe but to no avail. There has been to much killing whether animals or humans
    I spent many a year just sitting in my car in Kruger Park just seeing Gods creation pass you by.Believe me its a sight you can never imagine if you have not seen. Today there is nothing like what you would have seen 35 years ago its a shame to see mans greed and then put themselves on pedestals, and its still happening. Let us stick to photography and enjoy and not have blood guilt on our hands, in the end you will be answerable to a higher being but that is your choice.

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